Making Moves

Three years ago today I arrived back in Canada. As with all my continental moves, I had virtually no plan other than getting myself from A to B (you’d never know I DSC_0652organized stuff for a living…).

There have been ups, downs, ‘zeds’ for ‘s’s, crazy-busy jobs, crazy people, travel from coast to coast, humidex heat alerts, ice storms, the chance to see cherished old friends and the opportunity to make fabulous new ones.

The biggest change, though, has been being able to work full-time on developing my company. I’ve wanted to do this since Washington seven years ago and can’t believe I’ve finally got to a point where it’s possible. The germ was planted by Auntie Bubbles (40 years ago!), fostered by Mum and Dad (and Sandra & the Maj), executed by me, and helped along by countless others.

Although I miss Blighty (it’s my heart’s home) and ‘my’ people more than I can say, had I not made this move, in all its undefined-ed-ness, I would not be doing half of what I’ve managed so far. The trade-off of place is worth it; the benefits of new experiences and new friends, beyond measure.

Sitting writing this from my cosy local cafe, where I know the owners and locals alike and where I have made friends, it feels as though there might finally be roots extending into my ‘new’ community.

Three years is a tiny slice of time but it’s been immense to me in many ways. It’s gone by in a flash and I can only imagine what the next three will bring….perhaps an international division of MAJ Communications?

With love to my all my lovely, supportive, funny, crazy, loving and kind people, all over the world, who make living on any continent a true pleasure.