Symbols & Remembrance: Wearing Your Poppy

I’m a firm believer in both buying and wearing a poppy.

The sale of poppies in Commonwealth countries not only supports the vital work of the Legions in those countries (Royal Canadian Legion, Royal British Legion among others) but also serves as an Poppiesimportant physical reminder of past wars and conflicts.

Remembering and marking (not celebrating) these events is as important now as it was when poppies were first introduced as a symbol of remembrance in 1921.

When should I wear my poppy?

I’ve been asked whether it’s acceptable to wear a poppy year-round.  While it’s a nice thought to show support throughout the year, the impact of the symbol starts to wane over time, so it’s best to restrict it to a few weeks a year.

Some people like to wait until after Hallowe’en, however, poppies traditionally go on sale on the last weekend in October, so anytime from then through November 11th is appropriate.

Note that in the United Kingdom the observance of ‘Remembrance Sunday’ sometimes takes place on the Sunday after November 11th (as is the case this year), therefore you may wish to keep your poppy on through to the end of that day.

Where do I wear my poppy?

There are many people who feel strongly about this. Left side, right side? On a cap or hat, or not?

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