A Month of Warmth & Kindness

Welcome to our Month of Warmth & Kindness!

Our world can always use a little more warmth, kindness and patience, seems we all like a ‘challenge’ (as long as it’s not that challenging) so here is ours, with a candy cane twist.

Note! Here are all the things you don’t need to worry about with our challenge:

  • You don’t have to check-in with anyone…except yourself
  • You don’t have to do all the tasks to be successful – honestly just doing the bonus task everyday will make things brighter
  • You don’t have to do them in order…pick, chose, omit, or even add your own!
  • AND (in my view this is best of all) you don’t need to sign-up, or give us your email address to access the ‘challenge’…it’s all here in this post, ready and waiting for you to save or print or come back to.

Life can be hard on any given day but often more so around holidays. Making a conscious decision to spread some warmth and kindness will not only make your day better but will absolutely (money-back-guarantee-absolutely) make those around you, even strangers, feel appreciated, respected and loved.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started!! Let us know how you get along…which one is your favourite? Which do you already do? How many can you tick off the list?

No matter which holiday you mark or how you chose to celebrate, I wish you VERY best of the season.


Polished Professionals - A Month of Warmth & Kindness

Polished Professionals - A Month of Warmth & Kindness

Polished Professionals - A Month of Warmth & Kindness  Polished Professionals - A Month of Warmth & Kindness

Polished Professionals - A Month of Warmth & Kindness

How to handle compliments, simply and gracefully (in two words!)

Do compliments make you uncomfortable? Do you start to *argue* about how deserved they are? Does the whole thing descend into a conversational quagmire?

You’re not alone but there’s help!

I have a TWO WORD solution for you. Click the video to hear all about it!

I’m also delighted to showcase our NEW online Dining Etiquette course! It’s been put together with love and attention and will take you through all the steps you need to head to any event…and there are quizzes!

Go on, let your curiosity get the better of you and head to the course info page! There you will find a full outline, more about me and my background, AND a chance to peek at some of the videos: http://polishedprofessionals.teachable.com

If you’d like to join chats about ‘all things etiquette & manners’, then feel free to check out our Facebook group: The Snapdragon Society for Polished Professionals and Etiquette Enthusiasts https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheSnapdragonSociety/ We’d love to see you there!

Quick win #3: Nail Polish

Nail polish: Tidy it up, or take it off.

This might be one of the quickest wins of them all.  Quick win #3: Nail Polish

If you wear nail polish make sure it’s fresh, tidy and not chipped.  If it’s chipped, either fix it or remove it.

Others notice hands and nails, possibly more than you think, and chipped nail polish never, ever comes across as anything but messy. So, tidy it up or take it off.

Oh, and never, EVER do as a young women who was sitting next to me at a boardroom table did, and that is spend an entire meeting picking off your nail polish. Definitely NOT polished or professional behaviour in the least.


Your Stories
We’ve all fallen foul of rude or thoughtless behaviour…sometimes it’s even we who have been guilty of it.

If you have a story you’d like to share, please feel free to send me a note and I’ll include it here.





Quick Win #2: Who vs. That

Who vs. ThatQuick Win #2: Who vs. That

I’m not even going to bother delving into the whole who vs. whom discussion. Instead, I’m going to focus on who vs. that. 

It’s generally accepted that who refers to a person or people, and that refers to an object or group of objects. Grammatically speaking you are allowed to use that when referring to a person, however, doing so often sounds as though you are reducing a person to an object.

There are many people to whom (see what I did there?) this matters, and when they hear that used in reference to a person, it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

For instance, to many people this sounds extremely awkward:

Henry is someone that will achieve his dreams.

Whereas, this sounds warmer and more friendly:

Henry is someone who will achieve his dreams.

So if you would like to be perceived as thoughtful, polished and professional to all those in earshot, start swapping your that for who.

What is our ‘Quick Win’ series?

Quick Wins are very small, straightforward tips that will give you that little bit of extra polish.

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Quick Win #1: Look after your shoes

Look after your shoesQuick Win #1: Look after your shoes

People notice footwear (men’s and women’s), particularly when it looks tired, dirty or old.  So, make sure to:

  • Keep your shoes and boots clean and polished
  • Have them re-soled when needed
  • Replace frayed or broken laces

The added benefit is that if you look after your shoes and boots, not only will you look more polished but your shoes will last much, much longer, and save you money in the long run.

Introducing our new series: ‘Quick Win’

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