Dining Etiquette:
Essential Skills & Classic Manners

Does your staff know which bread plate is theirs? Do you? Does it matter? (Yes, it does, and here’s why.)

Let me set the scene…

You and a few members of staff are about to entertain a potential customer, at the very last minute you aren’t able to attend. You can’t cancel, your guests have flown in to meet with your company. It is now up to your staff to host the event. Are you confident they have the skills?  Do they understand their role as host? Are they able to provide the signals and guidance that ensure a smooth, hiccup-free event?  If they are worrying about which bread plate is theirs, how to get the server’s attention, or oblivious to the fact that everyone at the table is looking to them for cues, then they aren’t doing their job as a host.

Being comfortable and confident when you sit down to a meal is crucial when you are dining with customers, whether you are the guest or the host.

This all sounds so formal

One of the unintended consequences of our less formal world is thinking that structure and ritual are old fashioned or obsolete. They are in fact enormously helpful, particularly around the table where structure allows everyone to know what to expect and encourages thoughtful, rather than stiff, behaviour: ensuring that guests are looked after, servers are treated with respect, and everyone feels comfortable and relaxed.

Why bother with this workshop?

Know-how and confidence are especially important when hosting an event – guests will look to you to set the tone and provide the signals throughout the meal: where to sit; when to order (possibly even what to order); when to start eating; when the event is coming to a close.

Understanding the ins and outs of being a gracious host and a thoughtful guest puts all those around the table at ease. It boosts confidence, provides added polish and leaves a lasting impression (in the right way!) on everyone.

Powerful, practical skills

This is a hands-on course that includes lunch (or dinner) and provides your staff with the tools they need to sit down to any table with confidence. It ensures that the next time your team are entertaining customers over a meal, they will impress everyone.

Participants leave this course with powerful, practical tools that they will be able to put into practice:

  • How to be a gracious host
  • Making introductions
  • The art of being a good guest
  • Making conversation over the meal
  • Navigating the tableware
  • The Silent Service Code
  • Eating gracefully
  • Dealing with awkward situations
  • Dos and don’ts of dining
    …and much more

Whether your staff are the hosts or the guests, mingling with customers or senior managers, they need to feel confident and comfortable in their surroundings – it’s the key to their success, and yours.

Course Costs
The cost of each course is subject to the number of participants and the location.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements or for further information.

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