Venue & Event Staff Training

Confident, professional staff make the difference.
 Are your staff setting the right tone and sending the right messages?

In venue management everything rests on the experience not just of your customer, but their customers or guests.  That means that the success or failure of the event is in the hands of your staff.

Having been an event manager for over 20 years, our senior trainer and owner, Hilary Robinson, knows the impact that venue 
staff have on the success of an event, the experience of your customers and whether they become repeat business.

We offer specialized training to help your staff provide the best service to your customers.  Topics include:

  • The Silent Service Code
  • First impressions / Dressing & caring for uniforms
  • The impact of verbal & non-verbal communication
  • How to manage awkward situations / Trouble-shooting on the fly
  • How to manage multiple ‘bosses’ on site
  • Adding polish to your temporary staff

We will work with you to create the course that best 
fits your needs, your time and your budget. Please contact us to see how we can help add to your success.