Quick win #3: Nail Polish

Nail polish: Tidy it up, or take it off.

This might be one of the quickest wins of them all.  Quick win #3: Nail Polish

If you wear nail polish make sure it’s fresh, tidy and not chipped.  If it’s chipped, either fix it or remove it.

Others notice hands and nails, possibly more than you think, and chipped nail polish never, ever comes across as anything but messy. So, tidy it up or take it off.

Oh, and never, EVER do as a young women who was sitting next to me at a boardroom table did, and that is spend an entire meeting picking off your nail polish. Definitely NOT polished or professional behaviour in the least.


Your Stories
We’ve all fallen foul of rude or thoughtless behaviour…sometimes it’s even we who have been guilty of it.

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