Small but Perfectly Formed

IMG_0117There is an act of kindness and civility so small that it goes practically unnoticed…until it’s not done, and then it can become quite literally a slap in the face – or at the very least a near miss.

‘What is it?’, I hear you ask.  It is this:

When you walk through a door, check behind you.  If there is someone there, or someone approaching, then hold the door open.  Small yet kind.  Simple yet thoughtful.

Looking for an even smaller, easier act of kindness?  If someone does hold the door for you, say thank you.

Interested in sowing the seeds of thoughtful behaviour and good manners? Encourage everyone in your life to embrace this small, but perfectly formed, act of kindness.

1 thought on “Small but Perfectly Formed

  1. Reminds me of a time when I was in a busy department store in London at about age 8 and holding the door open for a woman coming in. She breezed past without a word and I looked up to my Dad disappointed that I did not get a thank you.

    He said “How others react is not how you measure yourself, you do it because its the right thing to do”

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