From Londoner to Torontonian…five years on

London to TorontoFive years ago today I arrived back in Canada, after almost two decades of living in London. Two years ago, I sat in my local Toronto cafe and reflected on my first three years back in Canada.

In that post I wondered what ‘the next three years’ would bring. Well, it’s only been two years and already the business has undergone a massive change: a change of name.

For the first seven years of its life my business was known as MAJ Communications. A name that meant (and still means) the world to me for many reasons, not least because it was a tribute to an incredible individual. However, from the start it proved a barrier when it came to helping others understand what the company did.

I knew, from early on, that a change was needed but it took a long time for me to be ready to make that change, let alone come up with something I wanted to change it to.

This past spring, with new growth sprouting, I had the moment of inspiration I needed and Polished Professionals came into existence.

I truly believe that the new name accurately reflects what I aim to achieve, on every front. Professional, polished behaviour is not about perfection, which is unrealistic (we are human, after all) but rather about having the skills, and understanding, to navigate all situations with grace and aplomb.

Five years on, Toronto continues to present both charms and challenges (don’t get this etiquette expert started on the TTC…) but by far the biggest reward has been the ability to build and grow a business that provides tools, and encompasses philosophies, I believe help everyone, both professionally and socially.

This post would not be complete without an enormous thank you to everyone, on both sides of the Atlantic and both ends of the continent, who has provided friendship, encouragement, support, nagging and love. With the biggest thanks of all to Mum.

I can hardly wait to see what the next five years bring.



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