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Private Dining Etiquette session for teens:

“When the idea was first brought up to go to etiquette class I have to admit I was very against it. While talking to my parents in the car I made it clear that the experience was going to be horrible. However when I actually got there it was actually pretty fun and I actually learned things without it seeming like a lesson. I am now very glad I went, and am thankful that Hilary was a very kind person.”  Jeffrey, 15

“At first I was dreading going to an Etiquette class, but once I was there I had a great time.
Hilary was so nice, the food was great, and I learned a lot.”
  Madeline, 16

“I love Hilary’s pragmatic approach to etiquette – know the rules so you know when it’s OK to deviate and when to comply.  I couldn’t think of a more perfect resource for my children.  Much better coming from her than from me.  While my children really weren’t keen to attend the session they ended up enjoying it and learning valuable tips.  So happy they kept an open mind and participated.”  Melissa – mum

“Hilary brought a wealth of knowledge and a very approachable style to her presentation, and our audience got a lot out of the Q&A in particular as she offered etiquette tips and tricks for day to day situations in which we have all found ourselves.

It is a lecture that is well suited for an audience new to networking and interacting in the Corporate world.”

~Erika Wien, Director, Canadian Division Events Team, Manulife Financial

“Our team hired Hilary to deliver a presentation to recent graduates about business and professional etiquette. Despite the short notice given, her presentation was fantastic and received some of the best reviews of all programming that week.

The students learned a great deal from her and still send me notes on how her tips have helped them build their professional networks.”

~ Connie Bannister, Manager, MBA Alumni Careers, Ryerson University

“Hilary is great at relaying her message, our audience felt she held 90 individual conversations all at the same time.”

~ John Arlette, Medical Director, Total Skin Care Centre

“Hilary has tremendous organizational skills as well as the ability to stay collected and grounded in the most trying situations. More importantly, Hilary has the ability to work across different cultures and in that respect is Global in the true sense of the term. She is also a wonderful human being and I have enjoyed working with her.” – Ambika Nair, General Manager, Thomson Reuters, India

“Hilary presented with humour and demonstrated professionalism herself.  She delivered the information well and was extremely gracious.”

“It was a good reminder of basic, important skills, and it was great to know that the challenges of dealing with winter and clothing are not exclusive to newcomers.  I love how she included the historical and artistic references.  The brochure is good and straight to the point.  Important topic.”

~ Students from the School for Social Entrepreneurs

“Hilary has a unique set of integrated strategic and implementation skills that allow her to contribute to any organization. She is able to understand a complex issue at the 35,000 foot level and then implement the desired changes on the ground.

Whether designing adult learning, building a marketing and communications campaign or planning an event, she has a unique ability to understand the core requirements and design and implement a program in a way that satisfies both the client’s and the participants’ needs.”

~ Brina Ludwig Prout, Collaboration Advisor & Strategic Implementer, Projects Plus, Inc.

Human Resource Students, Seneca College, February 2016:

“I feel good and more confident after your networking workshop at Seneca. This workshop touched me personally, because making a conversation at the first meeting does not come easy and naturally to me. Your knowledge, experience and encouragement helped to grow “I can do this” attitude within me. Thank you.”

“Thank you again for this amazing talk on how to network. You provided us with amazing tips on etiquette and how to network in general, tips and techniques that I will refer to every time I am in a networking event or interacting with business people.”

“Hilary actively listens, imparts invaluable experience and advice and works towards a common goal with determination. Her expertise lies in being organised, understanding and creative, and knowing when to use each skill at the right time. Ever calm and professional Hilary is a pleasure to work with, and an invaluable person to know.”

~ Rachel Becker, Senior Designer, Thomson Reuters

Feedback from Students at Niagara College – Dining Etiquette Session:

“Hilary was very knowledgeable and I learned a lot about the topic that once eluded me.”

“Hilary was able to provide information in a way that was effective for me.”

“Interesting topic and great food. Hilary was very clear and knowledgeable.”

“Great food and fantastic presentation.”

“Hilary was very knowledgeable and able to answer any the questions I had”

“Awesome! Especially considering the diversity of the cultures.”

“After participating in this event, I have a better knowledge of proper etiquette.”

“At all times Hilary is a consummate professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. She is highly organised, effortlessly helpful both internally and externally, and her experience shines through in difficult and stressful situations, always a calm face and big smile!

She has a fantastic demeanour that is perfect mix of professional and assertive, yet friendly, which allows her deliver at all levels.”

~ Nic Potter, Head of Sales – Africa, Thomson Reuters, Legal

Naomi Jaffa, Director, The Poetry Trust:

“Hilary coupled excellent advance preparation, superb organisational skills and highest delivery standards with a fabulous sense of humour.

Working in a frenetic arts festival environment (far removed from the ‘comfort zone’ of her usual corporate world), her natural authority, adaptability and quick-witted responses to problems inspired affection and great admiration.”